Saturday, November 27, 2010

Introduction to the Blogosphere.

Due to the incompetence of MySpace and Facebook, we made this. This will be the best place to check or just message us at

So here whats going on: We started recording the 7 inch. Thanks to Pat from Backslider, its sounding sick. Hoping to get it completed within the next few weeks.

Grind snobs get hyped.

We're also paying a show in New Brunswick, NJ on the 3rd of December. Its at The Gutter with Dead Womb, GetOverHere!, Dethroned Emperor, Misanthropic Noise and Big Werm.
Amputee Vs. Dead Womb to see whos faster in the Garden State.

To wrap it up we still have some Demos left and there are shirts. Thats it, fuck Social Networking.


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